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jennifer-lopez-open-up-about-divorce-from-marc-anthonyIn her new memoir, True Love, pop sensation Jennifer Lopez opens up about single motherhood and how her divorce from Marc Anthony has changed the way she raises her two children, Max and Emme.

In an episode of The Meredith Vieira Show that airs Monday, Lopez became emotional when speaking about her 6-year-old son Max.

Vieira recited a few lines from Lopez’s book including an excerpt describing the singer on a plane with her twins when her son asked,
"Will you always be my mommy? When are we going to see daddy again? Will we always be together?"

Lopez and Marc were two months separated at the time.

"I said, 'I can’t answer every questions you ever have, but I can tell you that Mommy and Emme and Max will always be together," Lopez said as she began to tear up.

J.Lo and Marc Anthony welcomed their twin babies in February 2008 and the kids were three when their parents decided to call it quits. In July 2011, Lopez and Anthony announced their split as "difficult and amicable." Lopez describes it to Vieira as the hardest decision of her life, but was a long time coming.

Anthony, 47, was Lopez’s third husband while she was his second wife. Anthony has three children from prior relationships.

Anthony revealed to ABC News just a month after the separation, "This is just two people who came together and just realized - and so I’m saying that it wasn’t sustainable the way it was," he said. "And that’s that."

Their divorce was finalized in June of this year.

Like many parents who face a divorce, J.Lo kept her focus on her children - the children she had waited her whole life to have and finally did at the age of 39.

"You just come to a realization, this is not the best thing for all of us. When you have kids, you have to think about those things. It’s not just about you anymore. It’s about them."

Lopez’s telling memoir hits bookshelves November 4.

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