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jetblue-pilot-has-psychotic-episode-in-prisonJetBlue Pilot that Disrupted a Flight Needs Further Medical Evaluation.

Clayton Osborn, JetBlue pilot, left the cockpit during a cross country flight March 27 and yelled at the passengers about religion and has reportedly had psychotic incidences in prison, according to his judge covering the case. Clayton Osbon, the JetBlue Pilot that "went crazy," was accused of interference with the crew of his flight, but was given a not guilty by reason of insanity judgment last month. A neuropsychologist gave testimony that the JetBlue pilot had experienced a short psychotic episode that was brought on by sleep deprivation during the flight.

According to passengers, the Jet Blue pilot came out of the cockpit and ran up and down the cabin of the plane yelling about al-Quida and Jesus. The flight was then diverted to Amarillo, Texas, where it landed safely.

Following the trial, Osbon was incarcerated in a medical facility of the prison nature in North Carolina so he could be evaluated. The plans was to have the court decide whether Osbon should be freed or incarcerated at a mental health facility. But the judge decided that Osbon should be further evaluated until October 15, with the final reports being sent at the end of October.

Did the Jet Blue Pilot Go Crazy Due to Sleep Deprivation?

Judge Mary Lou Robinson stated that she was informed by a forensic psychologist that Jet Blue pilot Osbon had suffered an episode of psychosis, although she did not intimate what the episode entailed or if his behavior was consistent with a previous disorder. A neuropsychologist testified last summer that the pilot's psychotic episode lasted for about seven days following the flight and was consistent with lack of sleep. He added that the sleep deprivation keep Osbon from realizing that his threatening actions on the aircraft were wrong.

On the day of the episode, Osbon showed up late, which was unusual and uncharacteristic for him. When the plane was in midair, he told his assistant, a first officer, that they would not complete the flight.

Osbon then began rambling about religious views and scolded the air traffic controllers because he thought they were too loud. He stated that nothing mattered and told his first officer to "take a leap of faith."

One of the flight attendant's ribs became bruised as all tried to restrain Osbon, but fortunately no one was injured seriously. Ten passengers have filed lawsuits with JetBlue because of the pilot incident.

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