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 Photo Credit: YouTube

If there’s anyone that can move on the dance floor, it’s Michelle Obama… and Jimmy Fallon, of course. The Tonight Show host and the First Lady reunited to start where they left off.

Two years after Obama appeared on Fallon’s Late Night Show to perform "The Evolution of Mom Dancing – Part 1," Barack’s leading lady made her return on Thursday night for Part 2. Not without good cause, of course. Mrs. Obama was promoting her Let’s Move campaign as well as the recent #GimmeFive challenge.

This wasn’t the first time Fallon had his “mom” clothes on. In fact, the comedic host wore the same outfit as before which included a wig, stuffed bra, white shirt, pink cardigan, and khaki pants that fit the protocol of “mom pants.”

While similar, FLOTUS looked a little more polished in her mom outfit, which were black slacks, a pink patterned top, and sweater.

Their performance didn’t leave any original dance move out of the act. A few of the favorite moves included the “Shush and Tush,” the “Getting a Bag From Your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink,” the “This Ol’ Thing? I Got It at Talbots,” the “One Move Behind the Zumba Class,” the “Barack Obama,” and the “Jimmy Fallon.”

Even though Fallon was the host, FLOTUS was especially complimentary after their bit. "You looked so cute in your little Talbots outfit," joked Obama. "Isn’t he a cute mom?"

Fallon replied, "You love music – I know that. Where would the First Lady listen to music? I would think that would be a thing you can’t do anymore." Obama quipped back, "I’m always listening to music. That’s the way I kind of settle myself."

And while Jimmy is not a mom, he is a dad of two little girls and Michelle, mom of two teenage girls, gave her host some good advice. "You’re still in the good stages," Obama told Fallon. "They still like you now, so hold onto that."

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