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jimmy-fallon-brings-back-saved-by-the-bellPhoto Credit: YouTube

The Tonight Show is filming in LA this week and host Jimmy Fallon has been taking advantage of the locale with all sorts of special segments. Earlier this week he did a Fresh Prince of Bel Air spoof, and last night he brought viewers back to Bayside High, home to classic teen show Saved By The Bell.

After a pink wash passes over the screen, signaling to the audience a trip back in time, Mark-Paul Gosselaar steps into the hallway to screams of adoration from the studio.

Gosselaar, who played Zack on the show, introduces his new pal Jimmy to the school. Mario Lopez then enters the scene, looking like not a minute has passed since his Saved By The Bell days!


Photo Credit: YouTube

The old crew revisits some of their classic scenes, including Slater dancing in a leotard, and Jessie singing "I’m So Excited." Mr. Belding even makes a cameo!

The biggest cheers from the studio audience may have come out for Tiffani Amber Thiessen, fully clad in her cheerleader outfit, who comes on set to tell Zack she’s pregnant. The moment inspires Zack to call a time-out that allows him to stop time, a hilarious throwback to such an old-school television technique. jimmy-fallon-brings-back-saved-by-the-bell-2

Photo Credit: YouTube

The set, recreated right on The Tonight Show stage, looked just like the real thing, with throwback posters such as "No Hope With Dope" on the walls.

If only Screech and Lisa were there, it would have been a Full House

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