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Joan Rivers officiated a wedding ceremony...and not for the first time!

While we are talking about Joan Rivers here, this is not a joke. The 81-year-old comedian officiated an impromptu wedding ceremony at a New York book signing on Monday featuring her new novel Diary of a Mad Diva. When Jed Ryan and Joe Aiello were standing in line at a Barnes & Noble on June 30, waiting for their autographs from Rivers, they began reading her new book and realized that Joan is an ordained minister.

Coincidentally, Ryan and Aiello wanted to get married and more than that, they wanted Rivers to marry them off.

"While we were waiting, we were reading the book. She mentioned being an ordained minister,” said Aiello in a statement to ET.

Aiello asked Jed to go ahead and ask the comedienne if she would officiate their wedding. The two were shocked when she agreed. The moment was later shared by Rivers on her Twitter. 




In her 81 years, this wedding is not the first that Rivers has performed. In 2013, she officiated a ceremony for Preston Bailey and Theo Blackmann who were married on the roof of the Empire State Building. And we’re sure Rivers enjoyed the King-Kong themed party that came along with it.

Rivers has anything but downtime between her various jobs. Whether she’s hosting E!’s Fashion Police, bickering with daughter Melissa on Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best or interviewing celebs on her web show In Bed with Joan, we are always caught cracking up and often times, crying from laughter.

Photo Credit: Twitter/Michael Sherer

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