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When makeup artist and hairstylist Joey Maalouf walks into a room, everyone smiles. Within an industry that is know for its cutthroat attitude, maintaining a rock steady career and a good attitude can be difficult. But for Joey Maalouf, it’s his passion and upbeat attitude that has prolonged his fabulous career.

Many may recognize Maalouf as Rachel Zoe’s best friend on her past reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project. Besides his role as a reality television star, Maalouf is an accomplished hair and makeup artist who has recently ventured into the fashion tech world with the mega successful app, TheGlam AppTheGlam App.

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Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Maalouf got his start by painting the faces of members of his high school dance team. He then pounded the pavement and went to the nearest news station and volunteered to act as a makeup artist for the news crew. This determination and confident ability to seek opportunities carried on with Maalouf when he went to live in New York.

“I told myself, pretend you never learned anything when you get there.” Maalouf told a crowd at a recent Simply Stylist event, “I’m going to let New York teach me what it can.”

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Shortly after his arrival in New York, Maalouf got a chance of a lifetime when he was assigned to apply makeup at a charity show for Victoria's Secret. His hard work and charming personality impressed an agency who then sent him to do a very famous stylist’s makeup - Rachel Zoe. The rest is fashion history. 


As if doing the hair and makeup for renowned celebrities and designers wasn’t enough, Maalouf sought another opportunity to delve into the fashion world with style apps. Maalouf is the co-creator of TheGlam App, a beauty application that allows subscribers to hire beauticians to travel to their homes and offices.

All of this isn’t just luck. For Maalouf it’s his passion that creates these opportunities.

“I think you automatically know when you're passionate about something because your whole body just does it... You're just doing, your creating,” he said.

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