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john-mayer-performs-beyonceHis soulful voice with this cover song might win hearts over Beyoncé.

He's baaaaack! Who? The brilliant voice of John Mayer and he's singing a soulful, sensual and raw version of Beyoncé's 'XO.' The singer, 36, has been single from Katy Perry since February, but talks about being loved “lights out”, a possible message to his former flame or a new style of loving for the famous folk singer.

In the video, Mayer is surrounded by a blue light while he serenades an excited crowd. While much hype has surrounded this folk-singing heart breaker, he dresses in a simple blue shirt and jeans, looking sexy while he strums a guitar.

Mayer first performed the song live in Adelaide, Australia. He received mass amounts of positive feedback from fans and decided to record the track and release it on iTunes this Tuesday. He posted a link to the song on his Twitter and received 2,742 retweets and 3,019 favorites.

So, what do you think? Does John Mayer do it justice or does Beyoncé's version still reign supreme?  

Photo Credit : PR Photos

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