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join-a-gym-for-lessSave Money When Picking A Gym

Most of us at one time or another have desired to lose weight and get in shape.  Remember those New Year's resolutions?  But when we are on a budget, joining a gym can put a stress on finances and consequently seems like a lost cause.  There are ways to make smart choices in choosing a gym for less, as Andrea Metcalf explains.  Five important factors are key when selecting a gym to fit our needs.  We want to make sure if we are spending the money that we will use it!  Considerations include hours, proximity, and initiation fees to name a few.  When these considerations can come into balance, we win in more ways than one; physically, emotionally and financially!

How to Join A Gym and Save Money

  • Shop around and compare prices.  Some gyms have an initiation fee that can be waived, especially at the end of the month when health clubs have to meet sales quotas.
  • Take the time to read the fine print.  As a result, there will be no misunderstandings about how long the membership is and what the cancellation policy entails.
  • Consider proximity when choosing a gym.  We all lead busy lives so convenience and gas money matters.
  • Review the hours of operation and see if they fit your schedule.  If the hours do not mesh with your schedule, you will not use the membership.
  • When all else fails, work out at home.  Purchase DVD's free weights and an exercise ball.  You can turn a little area of your house into your own personal gym at minimal price.

Another Idea to Save Money

When my children were little I desperately wanted to lose the baby weight.  But living off of one income and being a stay-home mom prevented me from even considering joining a gym.  Needless to say, I used a 3-day pass and found that the athletic club was looking for part-time employment, especially water aerobic instructors.  The benefit was a free gym membership for the children and me, plus a small wage.  Having been a former athlete, I thought this would be a good way to learn something new, get us out of the house, and hold myself accountable to stay in shape.  I ended up teaching aquatic exercise with that free membership, and my children still talk about our trips there.  The water aerobic stint led to me becoming a personal trainer, which I still do and enjoy.  There are other part time jobs that health clubs offer (front desk, daycare help) and most that I know of offer a free membership.  So if you are interested, this is another option.  Good luck!
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