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Julianne Moore = woman of the year! Golden Globe winner, SAG winner, Alliance of Women Film Journalist winner, BAFTA winner, and Oscar winner, Moore has been dominating the box offices and hearts of the public! Since the premiere of her leading role character Dr. Alice Howland in Still Alice, Moore has humbly and gracefully captured the attention of the film industry and women everywhere.

At 54 years old, Julianne Moore looks better than ever. Out of all the tremendously talented women in Hollywood, Moore tops the list as one of the most relatable stars for women of all ages.

A big part of Moore's appeal is that she seems to have mastered that rare attitude about growing older gracefully. For many women, aging is an emotional hurdle to overcome. And even without the help of plastic surgery in ageless Hollywood, Moore has remained grounded in her beliefs about growing older and why we need to suck it up and smile, because let's face it... wrinkles are inevitable!

"I’d like to think that I can age as naturally as possible," said Moore in an interview with The Edit. "I don’t want to come out condemning anything anybody does, because I think that all of these things can contribute to making people feel better about themselves, and that’s great. But I also want to look like myself. I mean, we’re not going to live forever. You could be dead at 45, and guess what? Then you don’t have to worry about aging."

How inspiring it is for people to turn on an E! News red carpet show and see real and powerful women walking the carpet with attitude, grace, and a beautiful smile, regardless of age. Hopefully Moore’s leading role characters won’t be dwindling down anytime soon so we can see more of her on the big screen.

On almost all fronts, Moore defeats the stereotypes of a Hollywood actress. She can still rock a couture Chanel dress on the red carpet, though!

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