jumpsuits-a-rompers-the-differences-and-how-to-wear-them-headerKnow which styles of jumpsuits and rompers you can pull off for your specific body type.

Finding the perfect jumpsuit or romper can be exhausting for a woman because it’s pretty difficult to find one that is not only stylish, but also flattering. Depending on your shape, the garment needs specific details when it comes to fabric choices, lengths, and silhouettes. Learn the main differences and how to wear jumpsuits and rompers for your shape all year round.

The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are traditionally one-piece garments with full tops that come in strapless, short sleeve, and long sleeve styles which are connected to long pants. The jumpsuit can come in loose or fitted fabrics, giving many options for formal or casual looks for all body types.

The Romper

Like jumpsuits, rompers are similar in style but are traditionally short on the bottom instead of including full-length pants. Typical for summer weather, the romper will have you showing a lot of leg, so you’ll need to know how to appropriately accessorize it. The romper looks great in slouchy loose styles, but you can get lucky if you find a flattering fitted one.

Jumpsuits and Romper Styles


Perfect for the shorter pear and hourglass ladies, this style is great for accentuating your fuller figure and taking the attention off some of the wider areas like the hips and bum. There are many great styles of loose jumpsuits and rompers, which means gorgeous draping effects for flattering angles. For a sophisticated look, you’ll want to wear a sexy pair of wedges and gorgeous simple jewelry for a date night out on your favorite rooftop bar. For a more casual look, go for a Grecian and bohemian style by adding sandals and a bangle arm party to give you that exotic vibe while grabbing a drink at a local cafe. Don’t be afraid that you’ll get lost in all the fabric, because this style tends to look fabulous on all body types when worn right.


Perfect for taller women with banana and apple figures, this style elongates the body, making you look like you have legs for miles. For a professional look, pair with your favorite pumps and thrown on a blazer to give you a sophisticated vibe when meeting for lunch with your colleagues. For a casual look, put your hair up in a messy bun, slip on some stylish sandals and throw a slouchy satchel over your shoulder to show how effortlessly chic you are when shopping at your favorite local farmers market. The fitted look is mostly seen on taller and slimmer women, but can also look great on wider women if they find the right cut and length of the romper or jumpsuit.

Making sure that you know your body and what does and doesn't look good on you is key. Don’t immediately assume you can’t pull off a jumpsuit or romper because of your body type. Instead, do your research and try on different styles because they can look fabulous on everyone, as long you know how to wear and accessorize them. Go out and grab these trending styles for summer so that you can be guaranteed a fabulous wardrobe for the season. 

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