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Justin-Bieber-Gets-EggedPhoto Credit: Comedy Central

Drum roll, please. The moment the nation has been waiting for has arrived. Justin Bieber is going to be roasted!

Bieber released the promo for the #bieberroast on his Facebook page. The video consisted of Bieber being pelted by multiple eggs to spoof his 2014 vandalism issue where he egged his neighbor's house.

In the beginning of the 30 second promo, Bieber is walking around tussling his hair and flexing his pecs, and then BANG, eggs are cracking all over his chest! The best part of the video is the slow motion egg tossing. Good job Comedy Central, good job.

Comedy Central also posted the video on their Facebook with the caption, "Watch Justin Bieber learn how a poor, defenseless house feels." If you are not familiar with Bieber's recent outbursts, the house egging came after the owners called the police multiple times for Bieber's loud parties and reckless driving. This all happened around the same time that the singer got in trouble for underage drinking and drag racing, peeing in a mop bucket at a restaurant and mistreating his monkey (he abandoned it out of the country).

However, it looks like Bieber's bad boy days might be behind him. Bieber posted a video at the end of January of him apologizing for his misdeeds. Bieber also made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed his poor decisions.

Check out the roast promo and the apology video here.











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