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Ever wonder why boxing kangaroos always seem to have a mean left hook? Well according to new biological research, kangaroos are left handed. Professor Yegor Malashichev from the State University of Sankt Petersburg made the discovery while researching the behavior patterns of Australian kangaroos.

Malashichev found that kangaroos preferred to use their left hand when it came to activities that required fine skills like grasping tree leaves and shaking tree branches. He also observed that when it came to activities that required strength, the marsupials would typically use their right hand.

The kangaroo’s unusual preference for their left hand led Malashichev to make another interesting discovery - kangaroos have a different brain structure than the rest of mammals. Although they do have the mammal standard of two hemispheres in their brain, neither side is more developed than the other, which is highly unusual.  

This discovery explains why it seems that kangaroos can be ambidextrous when need be, but it doesn’t explain how they determine which hand to use for which task. Until more research can be done, the reason kangaroos are lefties will remain one of nature's most adorable mysteries. 

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