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kanye-west-taylor-swift-backstage-grammys-2015-billboard-650Photo Credit: Getty

Kanye West may have insulted Taylor Swift back at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009 by storming the stage during her acceptance speech for best pop video, but it seems any upset is firmly in the past as the pair met up recently for dinner for two.

Kanye and Taylor were pictured leaving The Spotted Pig restaurant in New York City on Tuesday after arriving in separate cars for dinner. However, it was strictly business for the two talented artists who are reportedly set to work together on a music project in the not so distant future.

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Photo Credit: Splash

During a recent radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Kanye said of Taylor, "Yeah, she wants to get in the studio and we're definitely going to go in. Any artist with an amazing point of view, perspective, fan base, I'm down to get in the studio and work."

Commenting on how the two different genres of hip hop and country-inspired pop could work together, Kanye told Seacrest, "I think everyone loves music, whether they love hip-hop, alternative, country."

He added, "If I could be involved in giving people any type of energy, advice in the studio, whether you're Beyonce or whether you're Taylor Swift, whether you're Jay Z whether you're Beck, whoever, and they can be reciprocal with that, I'd like to be involved with that."

While the pair may seem like an unlikely duo, Kanye and Taylor appeared to be getting on well together at the recent Grammy Awards as they happily posed for photographs together.

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