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kanye-west-fans-dont-know-who-paul-mccartney-is-mainWhen two megastars like Paul McCartney and Kanye West combine talents, the results are supposed to be great. However, after a UK Twitter user with the name @CurvedDaily tweeted "Who tf is paul mccartney???!??! this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists," Beatles fans were offended.

The controversy started after Kanye's new track "Only One" was released on New Year’s Eve and Twitter users began throwing sarcastic comments all around the web.


Then things really got bad when @CurveDaily tweeted:

@CurveDaily's tweet received thousands of retweets and although the Twitter user apologized, his sarcastic comments kept coming.

"Come on guys, the whole thing was a joke and you’ve gone too far, i LOVE the beatles, paul mccarthy, ringo star, jay leno and the other one."

Beatles fans lashed back, because whether or not there was sarcasm to begin with, they weren't happy that McCartney was being played with. 

What do you think? Well-played joke or not funny at all? Share with us @womensforum

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