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KATE-post-partum-baby-bumpI was a little bit shocked when I saw pictures and video of Princess Kate’s post-partum baby bump as she was leaving the hospital with her husband, Prince William, and their new baby boy.

I was also extremely pleased!

She wasn’t wrapped or tucked or surgically reduced. She looked like women look after having given birth only a day before. Way to go! She provided a beautiful example of the reality of our bodies after childbirth. Ok, well, my reality never looked as good, but you get the idea.


Unlike many celebrities who waltz out of the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans, Kate Middleton proudly walked out of the hospital looking fabulous and real.

All too often, we feel less because we don’t fit the ideal that the media often portrays for us. Being a new mom is a tough enough job without worrying about our bodies being ‘bikini ready.’

We need to be able to savor our time with our newborns and our family and take care of ourselves without the added pressure of being ‘perfect’, or at least back to our pre-pregnancy bodies right away.

Thank you, Kate!

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