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Check out this wild four-minute ride in Katy Perry’s new eccentric music video! 

Our girl Katy Perry is known for being eccentric and an individual when it comes to her style. The style of her new music video “This Is How We Do” is full of color and wild styles of art - maybe even a dash of Andy Warhol. It starts out with Perry in has a painting in an art museum and ends with her laying on a white couch with dancing animated food and dessert around her like pizza slices and ice cream cones. Um...yea.

The singer released this new hit off her hit album "Prism" on Thursday. You have to check out this bizarre yet fun new video. We expect nothing less from Katy!

In the colorful, upbeat video, Perry boasts about living a carefree lifestyle without consequences as she rocks out in wild costumes and big hair. She jams out looking sexy with metallic blue hair as she plays ping-pong, takes a luxurious pearl bubble bath and sports some preppy wear while eating ice cream. 

What do you think? Makes you wanna dance? Or...go get some pizza and ice cream?

Photo Credit: YouTube

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