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kayakingFor An Afternoon or Weekend, Kayaking Challenges and Excites

End of summer does not mean the end of fun!  Sports vacations are great and the perfect Labor Day Weekend might be as close as your nearest waterway! The entire family can get fit and healthy while enjoying the outdoors and learning a new sport, kayaking.  The experience of kayaking a river, lake or other waterway, can be a unique change to the usual sports we tend to think of during a summer vacation, so get ready to get wet and take the family on exciting kayaking vacations!  Learn to Kayak now and be ready!

Kayak for the Perfect Labor Day Weekend Holiday Idea

Kayaking vacations are found all over America including the Grand Canyon and Big Bear Lake, Rhode Island, Michigan, Oregon, Florida, and Alaska, as well as Canada. They can cost anywhere from $100 upwards for a 2 to 3 day trip, up to more than $4000 for a week or two in other areas. You can also opt for kayaking adventures further away such as in France or Belise. These are all considered to be the best places to kayak and offer some of the most beautiful scenery for a truly amazing vacation. Kayaking can be done at sea, on lakes, and for those that really want an adrenalin rush, down white water rapids on various rivers.

You will find that many white water kayaking and sea kayaking tour operators offer child and parent clinics, child and teen training clinics, and family packages that you can take advantage of for learning to kayak. Most kayaking trips and kayaking clinics are aimed at children over 10 years old, and cost anywhere from $90 per child per day.     River and lake kayaking are also possibilities.

Kayaking Equipment That You Will Need

If you have decided to take the family on a kayaking vacation, there are some items besides your kayaks that you will need to purchase. Some facilities will also offer the hiring of this essential gear, so be sure to check when you make your vacation booking. Renting equipment depends largely on the location and what kind of kayaking vacation you are on, but a general amount to go by is $20 to $60 per day.

The kayaking basics will include the kayak itself, a solid paddle, a life jacket (also called a personal flotation device or PFD), a helmet or hat depending on whether you are going to be white water paddling, closed shoes or special booties, a whistle, water and a bite to eat, a dry bag (for items like ID documents, a map, dry shirt, towel, phone, and first aid kit), a rope throw bag (a rescue device for towing other paddlers or pulling them to safety), a knife, first aid kit, and of course sun protection.

While purchasing all of this gear can be expensive, it is a good investment if you plan to take up the sport full time and go on regular kayaking vacations with the family to various different locations.

Kayaking Basics That You Need to Know

When you are learning to kayak, there are some key kayaking basics that can help you to enjoy the experience and feel more confident if you are a newbie to the sport. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you should fit properly into your kayak. It should feel like an extension of your body. Similarly the paddle should be comfortable to grasp and maneuver without straining the shoulders. For kids, the paddle should be light enough, but sturdy.

With trainers and certified instructors at kayaking vacations, you will easily get the hang of this fun sport and enjoy your summer to the vert end immensely.  Kayaking is the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other's company while also enjoying nature, being active, and having loads of fun at the same time.

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