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Don’t let the craziness of your schedule or your kid’s schedules get to your health. If you start leading a balanced lifestyle, your family will also catch on. Beth Rosen interviewed a few experienced moms about why it's so important and some ways to live a healthy and balanced life, even with a crazy schedule. 

  • Give yourself some quiet time: Before your day picks up pace, wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual and have some quiet time to give yourself some energy for the day.
  • Workout for at least 30 minutes a day: It may be hard to get to the gym every day, but staying active is key. Keep a few exercises in the back of your mind to use on those types of days.
  • Start or join a Facebook group: The best way to get encouraged about staying healthy is having a community behind you, so why not join a group to do just that! Members of the groups can give notes of advice, hold each other accountable to goals others have, be encouraged by success stories, and get ideas for new workouts.
  • Treat working out like a routine: You can’t go a day without brushing your teeth, so why go a day without working out? Make it a part of your daily routine, something you can’t go one day without.
  • Join a fitness center and find community: Another way to find accountability in working out is to become a part of a fitness center community. Your friends will notice if you miss a few days, so stay motivated by finding a new gym family! 



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