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keep-your-teeth-clean-during-flu-season-videoSimple tips for keeping your mouth clean during flu season. 

You might be asking why cleaning your teeth has anything to do with flu season, right? When you don't feel well, dealing with anything else seems like a battle. But, what you don't realize is the syrupy medication your kids are taking is going to cause their teeth issues. Dr. Margaret Mitchell of Chicago explains why keeping your teeth clean during flu season is important.


When kids get sick, they're usually prescribed medication that is syrupy and sweet. Obviously, the sweetness makes the medication taste better so the kids will take it. But, what do you think makes it so sweet? Sugar! 

Consider this scenario: You child is coughing in the middle of the night so you bring them cough medicine to ease the throat. But, it's not good for their teeth to have all that sugar lingering. The last thing you want to do is make them get up to brush their teeth at 2 a.m. 

But, what you can do is keep a soup pot next to their bed. After they take the medicine, have them swish some water around their mouth then spit it out to get rid of the excess sugar. It will cut down on tooth decay by about 90 percent.

Tips for Keeping Teeth Clean During Flu Season: In a Nutshell 

  • Swish water in your mouth after taking medication in the middle of the night
  • Try to avoid letting syrupy medicine linger in your mouth

Keep in mind, when you're sick, you have to remember to still take good care of your body, including your teeth. The last thing you want after coming down from a cold is having to deal with another issue, such as tooth decay. So, remember to rinse out your child's mouth, or your own, after taking syrupy medications!

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