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keeping-tech-tabs-on-kidsWe've got the latest app to protect your kids.

Try as we might, it feels nearly impossible to keep tabs on our kids to keep them safe all of the time. And, do we want to? Yes, of course in some ways, but in others we need to let them grow up, make smart (and sometimes not so smart) decisions, learn from mistakes, expand their boundaries, let them learn and respect their privacy, and so much more. Now you can do both—give them freedom and privacy while also seeing what’s happening from a distance with the latest app to protect your kids.

woman-on-smart-phoneMamaBear—no we are not name calling, that’s the name of this ingenious app that we love. Fit for the iTouch, iPhone and Android, this app does more than just monitor where they are so you can find them in a second. MamaBear covers location, sure, but also social media issues, bullying, and driving speed, too. Plus, this app let’s kids download and communicate with you in a way that makes sense to them—with emoticons.

Given the crazy times of big brother watching, MamaBear, this app to protect kids, is less invasive and assures your kids will enjoy a sense of privacy coupled with your protection.

Top 5 Reasons to Get the MamaBear App

  1. Know where your kids are. MamaBear has location services so that you can give your kids some freedom to go, but also yourself some peace of mind to know where they are. The app can be set up so you get an alert when they arrive and leave places—like school and extracurricular activities.
  2. Know what’s happening on social media. MamaBear let’s you follow their Facebook and Instagram activity all in one place. You can get alerts when your kids make new friends or are tagged in posts and photos.
  3. Know what they’re saying - Or what’s being said about them. This latest app to protect your kids alerts you when inappropriate language or bullying key words or indicators are posted to their profiles.
  4. Know their speed. You can set up MamaBear to alert you when your child is driving faster than a predetermined speed, or is the passenger riding in a car with someone else who is speeding.
  5. Children can check in. There’s a MamaBear app for them, too. They can send messages with emoticons or send a quick “come pick me up” message or even an emergency one ASAP.

We are all about protecting our kids—not spying on them. We tell our kids it’s our job to protect them. We respect their privacy, but to a point that we need to do our job. What you tell your kids is up to you, but with MamaBear it makes it easier to keep them safe and give them their space.

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