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Have a fun beach day without worrying about your belongings getting lost or stolen.

A nice day out can easily be ruined by lost or stolen valuables. Make sure this does not happen to you by following these simple tips to keep your items safe at the beach from other people as well as water damage. 

Pack Light

Make the trip as easy as possible and try not to overpack. What are you really going to need at the beach? Focus on the essentials: towels, sunscreen, a change of clothes, snacks, cash, and your ID. A bulky purse is not necessary. Money is obviously an essential, but why your ID? Perhaps there are canoes or jet skis you can rent for the day and that means you will definitely need identification. When it comes to beach accessories, stick again to basics like sunglasses. Jewelry can be pretty to wear but easily lost at the beach. 

Baggies are Your Friend

Waterproof plastic baggies are an absolute must for the beach. If you bring your phone or music players, these are perfect to put them in for protection. Keep in mind that most cell phone providers will not replace a phone that has water damage, meaning you could have to buy a new one. Save the trouble with a little baggie!

Creative Hiding Spots

If you are looking for a clever spot to hide your money or electronics, think about what you have around you that would not usually be used to hold those things. Have you packed lunch for the day? Use a Tupperware container for your phone and other electronics. Store your cash in an old cleaned-out sunscreen bottle. If someone were to go through your things, they would be looking for a purse or bag with loose belongings inside, not what you packed for lunch (unless they oddly enough want that sandwich)!

Take Shifts

The most important tip for keeping valuables safe at the beach is to always have one person stay behind with the stuff. This is the best way to ensure that no one will steal anything from your area. Also, having someone on guard at all times can help make sure that no belongings accidentally get wet or covered in sand.

Following these easy tips will prove for a fun and carefree trip to the beach!

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