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kelly-osbourne-under-fire-after-rachel-dolezal-mockeryPhoto Credit: Splash

Kelly Osbourne, your fans think you’re pulling a "pot calling the kettle black" cliché. The former Fashion Police co-host posted a severely controversial photo on Instagram of herself posed like Rachel Dolezal, the racial identity-challenged former NAACP leader who resigned from her position after Dolezal’s biological parents confirmed that Dolezal was in fact white, not African American.

Osbourne, 30, shared a picture with the afro-like hair style accompanied with the caption, “#CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook.”

Earlier this year, Kelly Osboune abruptly ditched her gig on the Fashion Police panel because she “doesn’t condone racism.”

Giuliana Rancic, who is still on the show, commented on Zendaya’s Academy Awards dread-lock look, saying her hair looked like it smelled like “patchouli oil and weed.” The comments stirred up a scandal, sparked by Zendaya herself, who called out Rancic and the Fashion Police show for being “incredibly offensive.”

The then-host Kathy Griffin, who took over the main chair after Joan Rivers’ died, did not stand by Rancic’s “racist” comments and resigned from the show after only a few weeks on the air.

Osbourne soon followed suit and resigned from the program after five years, leaving a fiery feud between Osbourne and Rancic. While Osbourne was dubbed as standing up for justice, Rancic felt she was thrown under the bus by her co-stars and former friends.

The show, currently on hiatus, will return in September with Melissa Rivers as host and Rancic and Brad Goreski by her side. Joan’s daughter and producer of the show Melissa recently said she felt like her mother’s legacy was intentionally soiled by the drama this year.

Although it’s somewhat admirable that Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter left behind her job because of “racism,” she is now angering fans with her double-standard values. What’s even more similar is both race issues stem from hairstyles poked fun at by both celebs.

Nick C. wrote, “Anyone who thinks this is funny in light of Kelly Osbourne’s bs earlier this year in fashion police with her antics about Zendaya is a complete moron. It’s about context people, and in this case she’s 100% a hypocrite.”

Eva Marie argued, “So you can post this, but you disagree with our former cohost’s opinion on dreads? Pot, meet kettle.”

Osbourne doesn’t seem to mind the fiery feedback of her followers because the picture is still on her account and she has since re-posted the picture alongside an old pic of her rocker dad with the caption, “#TBT.” 


A photo posted by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on

There is no comment yet from Giuliana Rancic regarding her feelings on Osbourne’s Instagram post. 

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