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Every year after the 4th of July, we hear about accidents that took place with young kids and July 4th fireworks. Even while being observed by adults, kids can still get hurt. Consider making these July 4th crafts, which are safe firecrackers to put your mind at ease during the celebration day.

Provided is a tutorial on how to make poppers for your little ones (plus, this is a fun excuse to buy your kids some push-pops for those muggy summer afternoons when they need a treat to cool-down. Just remember to save them in a bag for the holiday!).


  • Push-pops (amount depends on how many kids joining the party)
  • Bag of blue, white, red confetti (or you can make your own with recycled paper)
  • 1 sheet of blue tissue paper (for about three pops)
  • 1 sheet of white construction paper, colored with a marker for the red stripes

How To Make Party Poppers

  1. Make sure the push-pops are fully rinsed and clean.
  2. Insert red-striped construction paper inside push-pop barrel and push down toward the bottom to add that flair.
  3. Push as much confetti/paper shreds as possible into the barrel.
  4. Have some helping hands hold the push-pop container upright while you cut a square of blue tissue paper.
  5. Glue one side of the tissue paper and quickly wrap around the top of the barrel.
  6. Twist the remaining tissue paper gently into a tail.
  7. When your kids are ready to celebrate on the night of the 4th of July activities, all they will need to do is push the stick with a good jolt and they’ll be surprised at the confetti that flies up all around them.

Have a safe 4th of July!

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