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  • Splashing Around

    Splashing Around

    What better way to soak up that summer sun than with some watery fun? Pool or no pool, you can always cool off with a fun with sprinklers, slip-and-slides, and of course, water guns and water balloons!

  • Sweet Treats

    Sweet Treats

    Another fun way to cool off is with summer's favorite treat! Lay out some of your child's favorite candies, flavors, sprinkles, whipped cream and much more for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget to make some labels for those allergies!

  • Like Royalty

    Like Royalty

    Every girl should be treated like a princess, so give her the spotlight on her birthday! Break out the tiaras, the tea cups and the tutu's and have a royal time.

  • Saving The World

    Saving The World

    Let the kids be heroes of the world one day with a fun superhero party! Dress up like your favorite superhero, host fun activities and watch your favorite superhero flicks.

  • Work It!

    Work It!

    What littler girl doesn't love wearing mom's shoes? Let the girls raid the closets and put on a fun fashion show for everyone! Lay out a red carpet, get some fun tunes and give the girls time in the spotlight!

  • Artistic Side

    Artistic Side

    Rain or shine, painting will always brighten up someones day. Lay out some paints, paper, canvases, crayons, markers and let the children bring out their inner Picasso. Don't forget the smocks and paper towels, things can get a bit messy!

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