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Kids and Fort Building

kids_and_fort_buildingBest Free Fort Building Materials

The idea of kids and fort building should spark memories for at least 9 out of 10 people. As parents may remember, building forts is a natural passage in life and the best thing about it is that fort building materials are typically inexpensive and easily accessible. In fact, the safe construction of these forts relies only on simple materials that most people can easily find in their homes.

Help Kids Build a Fort on a Budget

Count yourself lucky if all your children want is stuff to build a fort, because honestly, building a fort is just about the cheapest, yet fundamentally rich activity that your children can take part in. Hopefully, you will remember some of the forts you built as a child and will be a good source of advice for your kids. Fort building materials are mostly inexpensive or free, as long as you are looking in the right places, and the safe construction of a fun-filled fort is only a few minutes away.

Where to Look For Fort Building Materials

Most of the time, fort building materials are found and used by the kids without you being bothered at all. Chairs, tables, blankets, boxes and some wall-safe adhesive tape should be enough to get a fort started, and your kids most likely already know this.

Unfortunately, you may not have many options for fort building materials or maybe you want to find some specific materials for the kids to use so that you won't always have blankets that need to be washed from being used for building a fort. Either way, get a few extra "play" blankets and fort building materials designated for the kids, which will make the clean up a lot less of a hassle Parents should look to their workplaces for extra boxes, cardboard rolls and string as fort building materials. Once you have opened your eyes creatively, you will see that there are plenty of things that can help to make the safe construction of a child’s fort easy and fast.

What Not to Use When Building a Fort

An array of fort building materials are considered dangerous to use, and knowing about these items will ensure that your children are safe when building a fort. Plastics, including bubble wrap, plastic bags and sheets of plastic, should readily be avoided due to risk of suffocation. Using candles or other sources of light such as a table lamp can cause a fire to happen almost instantly. It is recommended to use only a simple flashlight if light is needed at all. Avoid using push pins and other metal materials to hold blankets up because they cause damage to the walls and can be lost for someone to step on later. As long as everyone is careful and an adult checks in from time to time, using the recommended materials and avoiding the bad ones, will have everyone enjoying fort building sessions.

Stephanie Diane Tanner
Stephanie Diane Tanner

My name is Stephanie and I am a mother of a daughter, Cali. She is almost 3 years old and I love her to pieces even when she makes my hair fall out from stress! HAHA. I love to read and write, cook, especially desserts and those hefty meals needed to fill the belly of my fiance. Not to mention the designing of meals and snacks my picky toddler likes to eat!

I grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois, therefore, I love animals and I currently own a 90 pound white boxer who is cuddly and clumsy. I have a large oscar fish named SpitFyre (from a book). I took an extra year of required english study, including journalism and creative writing. I'm also a published poet, 3 times over, since the age of 12 years old (said to write at 12th grade level while in 5th grade). I love to write because I have a talent for it. I won the state spelling be when I was in 5th grade and I have not stopped being fascinated with grammar and the world of writing ever since.

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