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Kids Learn Responsibility with Pets

Historically, without animals, we would still be in the dark ages. Now our children would be sicker, undisciplined, and not as caring. Animals have a lot to teach us. All we have to do is create the environment and pay attention. Kids and pets go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Stronger Immune System Thanks to Pets

Some researchers believe so based upon their work.  Studies have shown that children who have pets, have a lower incidence of allergies. Researchers found that young children who were exposed to more than one pet actually had decreased allergic reactions to other allergens. The supposition is that given that pets lick the children, (and who hasn't seen that happen!;) The bacteria from the pet's mouth hones the child's immune system for exposure to future allergens.

Emotional Health Thanks to Pets

Besides the physiological benefits that an animal provides there are emotional ones. A child can sometimes find it difficult to be accepted by peers or even members of the family. This can cause low elf esteem to develop. A dog or cat is non-judgmental. This means that when a child needs an impartial party for comfort they can turn to their animal.  Kids and Pets, both, in their natural state give love freely and with no strings attached except to be nurtured back. Pets love to have attention paid to them, and reward the giver with a like return of warmth. Kindness can also develop because the child has to care for a being that needs him or her to cater to its every need. Without the child, the pet would starve. So, the kid learns responsibility and compassion.

Studies have also proven that children growing up with pets can help to relieve stress. When no one else will listen, a pet will. It is nearly impossible to stroke the soft fur of a dog or a cat and maintain any level of stress. Researchers also have tried to find out why animals seem to help developmentally challenged children learn. They found that not only those with developmental difficulties, but all children learn easier with a pet around. Children would rather interact with an animal than fellow humans. A bond is quickly formed between the two.

Health benefits go beyond creating a healthier immune system and clearing out stress. Pets can also be a calming influence to both parents and responsible children. Just watching a cat bat a ball around, or a dog chase its tail, can bring families closer together. Everyone gets involved in the care of the animal, so it becomes an integral part of the family.  Dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits, matter what the choice of pet, children often benefit greatly from adding an animal into the family mix.


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