Photo Credit: Princess Awesome

Take a passing glance around any girls' clothing department and you’ll likely be met with an array of sparkly dresses that feature princess and fairies. Fed up with the lack of diversity in the clothing market for little girls, two moms have taken matters into their own hands and developed an alternative.

Princess Awesome is a clothing line devised by two mothers who wanted to tackle gender stereotyping in the kids' clothing world. The designs feature dinosaurs, space ships and cars –something typically reserved for little boys' clothes.

Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair, both from Washington D.C., took to Kickstarter earlier this month in a bid to raise $35,000 for the project. Demand for the range has proven to be extremely high, with more than $120,000 raised to date – a new record high for a children’s clothing campaign on Kickstarter.

Explaining the inspiration behind the range, the fundraising page reads, "Girls shouldn't have to decide between dresses and dinosaurs or ruffles and robots. We're a different kind of girly."

The page goes on to explain the ethos behind the brand stating, "We are Princess Awesome because butterflies are awesome and so are airplanes. Because monsters are awesome and so are twirly skirts. Because girls are awesome and girls decide what it means to be girly."

Melsky, a teacher and mother of two, and St. Clair, a mom to four kids, have already sold out of their first batch of the handmade designs. The Princess Awesome online store is due to re-open later this year with new stock to meet demand.

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