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acleaning_product_dangerCleaning Supplies Can Be Hazardous to Kids

As parents we are always told to keep prescription and over the counter drugs out of reach of children. But, how careful are we when it comes to the cleaning supplies that we have around our house.

Keeping Cleaning Supplies Out of Children's Reach

Danger Toxic. Words of warning to not take lightly.  In short,cleaning supplies around kids can be very dangerous. As adults we know we shouldn't drink Clorox, Drano or even try to swallow dish soap.  Unfortunately a young child who still hasn’t learned to read yet doesn't understand that some of the stuff lying around the house is darnright poisonous. So keeping cleaning supplies out of reach of children is key.

A good rule of thumb is to store toxic itmes on a high shelf where children can't reach them. You can also buy and install effective plastic cabinent door safety locks that will insure a kid won’t get in the cabinet where the cleaning products are kept.   The tough part is that they often ensure NO ONE can get into the cabnent! 

When you take out and use cleaning products, do keep careful track of them, and also monitor your child to know where they are at that time.

I remember a commercial I saw as a kid, a mother was using bleach turned around to answer the phone, her toddler who was thirsty got a hold of the bottle and started to drink it. This commercial stuck with me because it was so disturbing but it drove the message home, that cleaning products and children don’t mix, which was exactly the message the sponsor was trying to bring across. Cleaning supplies are poison plain and simple.

Dangerous Cleaning Product Fumes

But is consumption the only concern a parent should have when using cleaning supplies around a child? No its not, there is another issue that even parents of older children need to be concerned with and that is the fumes often produced by using cleaning products in the home. Some cleaning products such as bleach can have a very strong and lingering oder to them. These types of fumes can cause problems for children, with asthma and certain allergies.

You maybe asking is this really a serous problem though? Take it from someone who has seen first hand someone having a bad reaction to a strong cleaning product fumes, this can get serious. Especially if the person can’t stop coughing, or can’t seem to breathe because of the fumes.

If it's possible use these products when children are not home. Open a window to help get the fumes out of the house. Find similar products that don’t have a strong a scent to them. If you ‘re someone who has been known to use bleach in your water to sterilize dishes try using anti-bacterial dish washing liquid instead. It will kill just as much bacteria, but won’t have such a strong fume.

Yes, we all need cleaning products to keep our houses looking nice, but at the same token as good parents we have to think about our children as well. Keep in mind that cleaning products can be useful, but they can also be harmful. 

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