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kids_deathTeaching Your Children to Let Go

Showing kids death is just another part of the cycle of life can be a delicate and difficult situation. However, the right approach with heartfelt words could make a world of difference when calming those confused little minds about what they are going through. Conversations about kids and death are very important for a child who has to deal with the death of a close relative such as a grandparent. It is best make to sure that the child understands that death and dying doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Quotes about death are a great prop to lighten the conversation such as "There are holes in the floor of heaven," and "They are smiling from above."

A Mother’s Guide to Teaching Kids Death is a Part of Life

Teaching kids death is a natural thing that happens to everyone is an important part of their life and is a conversation that most parents are unable to avoid. Dealing with the death of someone close to your child's heart will surely make her curious about the topics of death and dying. The use of quotes about death to ease the situation and to help provide an understanding about what they are going through could just be what is needed to make the whole conversation start on the right foot.

Children should understand that the death of a loved one will involve some crying and maybe a bit of anger. It is important for the child to recognize that it is okay to be angry and sad all at the same time if they choose. The open expression of feelings and thoughts is of the utmost imporatnce when death and dying hit close to home. Openness can also help when showing kids death is a part of everyone’s life cycle. Plants, animals and humans all die, and in the end, everyone must come to understand and accept death in all of its forms.

Quotes about death can be both beautiful and helpful when the right ones are used. "There are holes in the floor of heaven," is a wonderful song performed by talented professional singers from all corners of the earth. This song is only one of a billion songs that can help to ease a conversation with about death. There is no one right way to teach a child about death and dying. Just go with what you feel is the right way to handle it. Some may choose to teach kids death is a natural event by using humor among facts while others choose to take the more serious approach to the situation because some believe it is not a situation to laugh at. Whatever your decision, use your unique insight into your child to make the conversation one that will be informative and reassuring for her needs.

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