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kids-dental-healthHealty Teeth for Life Starts Earlier Than You Think

Dental health for children has been an issue for many years. Schools have often been used as the vehicle for the government to dispense kids' basic dental health information to children for many years and kids' dental health is a still a major issue. Researchers have even taken a look at this issue in terms of prenatal care and think that they have found a link. This has been going on for many years that it has even translated into dental products specifically for children. Dental health for children is not an issue that is going away any time soon.

Prenatal Care is Linked to Dental Health for Kids

Researchers think that prenatal care is linked to dental health for kids. They believe that if the mother has appropriate levels of Vitamin D in her system then her children will have fewer cavities. This is different from previous studies that completely blame cavities on the amount of candy kids eat or on the number of times that they brush their teeth. These items are still real concerns but what if a prenatal vitamin deficiency can put our kids at a higher risk for cavities? As researchers continue to study Vitamin D and its affect in our bodies, we will probably see more on this topic.

Teeth Brushing Is Most Important

One of the most important dental health topics is teeth brushing. The process of brushing teeth starts as soon as the teeth start coming in. This means that kids dental health literally starts with the parents. Dentists say that even using a soft washcloth (wrapped around your finger) to wipe down each tooth is helpful. This can easily be done when the baby is sleeping so that parents don't have to worry about getting bit. They also make a type of soft toothbrush that goes over the finger so that parents can start brushing when their child gets more teeth.

National Children's Dental Health Month

Kids dental health is such an important topic that 60 years ago February was labeled as National Children's Dental Health Month. This gives schools and the American Dental Association an opportunity to do yearly dental health campaigns that focus on children. They have dental classroom activities from preschool age children and up. Each year the campaign focus is changed up a little to keep kids interested, especially as they get older. Some schools even have a little fair or other big activity to get kids excited about taking care of their teeth.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush Products

The emphasis on kids dental health has carried over into toothpaste and toothbrush products. Toothpaste companies have worked on creating a variety of children's toothpaste flavors so that children want to taste it instead of having toothpaste that they think tastes icky. Toothbrush companies have done their part by making toothbrushes with all sorts of characters and colors for every young boy and girl. Children's toothbrushes are even made smaller for their smaller mouths and teeth. All these products are built to help parents get their kids to brush their teeth.

The focus on kids dental health comes from the number of cavities and tooth problems that kids were having. It also comes from the idea that good habits start early on in life. The American Dental Association hopes that kids who practice good dental hygiene will continue those practices for life and pass them on to their own children.

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