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What does your family do with the kids to celebrate Easter?

Easter is a time when Christians all over the world celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is also a fun holiday when families get to spend time with each other and share in fun Easter traditions. Make this Easter one to remember for your little ones with some kids games for Easter to reward them after sitting quietly through church services.

Fun Games for Easter

Of course, there is the classic Easter egg hunt, which is sure to get everyone in a festive mood. If the weather permits, make things special this year by hiding eggs in a garden or picnic site over a much larger area than usual. Send children out in groups with adults to explore nature and find the eggs. Color code eggs by age group so that the older kids are challeneged and the younger kids don't get too frustrated. The one who ends up with the most eggs might receive a special prize or ribbon.

Another fun Easter game is egg bowling. This is very similar to regular bowling but the catch with this one is that you have to roll a boiled egg towards another egg without both getting broken. And in this case, the entire group rolls their eggs at the same time. Be sure that each child has a distinct egg so you can tell who is the winner. In the end, the person who hits the target egg without breaking it is the winner.

There are also online Easter games for kids. These games incorporate everything from virtual egg hunts to jigsaw puzzles and mazes. Some even let you interact with Easter bunnies and create festive Easter decorations. There are plenty of printable coloring and activity pages that might serve you well during that long church service. Host a family coloring competition and let mom or dad choose the winner not by which picture is the best colored, but by which child was the most well behaved.

No matter what you do, kids are going to get their hands on sugar during Easter. If your your kids overindulge in Easter candy, make sure they get to burn off all that sugar in the bunny hop game. This is a relay race that involves one person on a team racing a certain distance with an egg between his or her knees. Each player must then pass the egg to the next person on her team without using hands. Of course, the egg will keep dropping, but that makes the game all the more fun. The first team to have all their players carry the egg across finish line wins. It's best to use a plastic egg for this game. If you really want to make things interesting, try a giant novelty Easter egg.

A popular kids game for Easter is pin the tail on the bunny. This game is similar to pin the tail on the donkey except that in this case, it is a bunny and the tail is a fluffy cotton ball.

Lastly, consider making an Easter pinata in the shape of an egg. Simply blow up a large balloon and cover with paper mache. Once the mache is dry, pop the balloon and fill the pinata with candy, party favors, and small Easter gifts. Decorate the pinata with craft paint or tissue paper. Be sure to leave plenty of space around the child swinging at the pinata to avoid injury and have fun letting the kids celebrate Easter!

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