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iStock-519526540 CroppedFebruary 9th is National Pizza day, but who needs a special occasion to throw a pizza party? When it comes to entertaining your children on a day off from school, or any other time for that matter, there are two things parents can count on: kids find pizza irresistible, and they love to party.

So why not give them the best of both worlds by arranging a fun-filled pizza party?

Pizza Makes Everything More Fun

Sometimes arts and craft projects, watching TV and playing video games just doesn’t cut the mustard, so when you find yourself struggling to find something to do with the children, drag them into the kitchen. 

It's the perfect idea to fill those days off that pop-up on the school calendar from time to time. Maybe you need to reward good behavior or a good report card, whatever the reason, a pizza part can be the perfect treat. The point is you don’t need a holiday or special event in particular to give your kids a pizza party.

This one-size-fits-any-age activity can also fit any size, so invite all the kids to come over.

Aside from the ability to customize great-tasting pizza is the fact that you can monitor pizza ingredients and toppings to keep a watchful eye on your child's health and nutrition.  This is a benefit if you want to make sure their kids are eating healthily, since you can ensure the toppings and pizza dough ingredients are fresh, nutritious and free of preservatives or other additives found in pizzas prepared at fast food restaurants. On the other hand parent’s can enjoy how economically feasible it is to have a pizza party at home instead of a party at restaurant.  Even thought some pizza restaurants may offer video games and other activities there is always a fee to play the games and the number of guest invited determines the overall cost.  This can really add up if your kids invite friends from school.

Make It A Buffet!

A great idea to give the kids' pizza party a little pizzazz is to make it a buffet pizza party.  You can’t find that a pizza parlor, that’s for sure!  A buffet style pizza party allows the kids to mix and match ingredients and really get creative. And, if you really want to be inventive you can prepare pre-made pizza dough in different sizes and shapes, which will really make the pizza party out of the ordinary and entertaining. Not to mention if you prepare the pizza dough a few days before the pizza party and freeze them, until the day of the party.  That way you can avoid a messy kitchen, thus freeing up more time for you to
enjoy creating your own pizza and have just as much fun as the kids and not worry about a dirty kitchen on party day.

No matter what your reasons are for planning a pizza party for your kids, you can rest assure that the party will be a big hit among the kids, one slice at a time, if you put a little thought and creative planning into effect.

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