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childrens-health-and-radiation-risksChildren May Be At Higher Risk for Radiation.

Most children will have to have either an x-ray, CAT scan or MRI at least once before they are 18. Tests like x-rays and MRI’s are essential in diagnosing problems and can save lives, the tests also emit troubling radiation that could pose future cancer risks to our kids. The Food and Drug Administration has released new regulations that would enforce all hospitals to have imaging equipment tailored to children’s health.

What is Radiation?

While most of us understand the purpose of x-ray imaging and MRI’s we still might wonder exactly what radiation is. Radiation is the emission of energy and that energy becomes wave particles that move through a space. After the radiation or energy emission moves through a space, a crisp image is left behind. The problem with radiation is the energy particles that move through the space damage the surrounding space as well. This poses possible cancer risks in children who are exposed to a large amount of radiation.

Children’s Health

Not all radiation exposure is the same. Larger bodies need more radiation and littler bodies need much, much less. In order to get the same result a child’s body would need only a fraction of the radiation that would be needed to scan an adult body. While imaging machines in Children’s Hospitals deliver the proper kid-friendly amount of radiation, many children receive x-ray radiation exposure in emergency rooms where x-ray and other radiation emitting machines are tailored to adult bodies. The new regulations from the FDA will ensure that all hospitals and doctors offices have imaging machines that are safer for children’s health.

The FDA and Radiation

New radiation regulations will ensure that our children are protected and receive the littlest amount of radiation possible. Radiation exposure is dangerous particularly to children because their growing tissues are more susceptible to damage from the radiation particles. The new regulations will ensure that eventually all x-ray, CAT scan and MRI machines will have a switch to deliver kid friendly doses of radiation.

Radiation Exposure on Children

Should your child need an x-ray or MRI the best option is to take them to a Children’s Hospital and have the tests conducted there. If that just isn’t an option there are other things you can do to ensure that your children remain healthy.

  • Ensure that the radiation exposure is absolutely necessary. A lot of radiation tests are ordered before trying other more conservative treatment options.
  • Keep track of every radiation type test your child has received. Your doctor won’t have a record of every single test, and knowing how much radiation your child has already been exposed to is very important in deciding to have a radiation test or not.

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