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kids-react-to-old-computersIf you thought the video of kids reacting to a walkman was hilarious, you have to see the latest installment. 

While these days kids enjoy all kinds of computers and other electronic gadgets, they are totally missing out on the things some of us had to experience in the good ol' days. In a recent episode of “Kids React,” a regular feature that shows children’s hilarious reactions to different scenarios, a group of kids saw an old school computer for the first time. 

Once the kids were told that it was a computer from the late 70s, 9-year-old Tyler confessed the thought of it being an old television set crossed his mind.

“It’s very boxy,” he added. 

They had no problem figuring out how to turn on the monitor, but when it came to powering on the actual computer that was a different story. One little girl just went back to the basics and waved her hands in front of the computer and said, “Hello?” before tapping the screen. 

Of course the funny level was kicked up a notch when they were handed the now ancient floppy disk. The adorable kids couldn't hold back their laughter. 

Check it out in the video below!

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