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Us Weekly reported early Wednesday morning that Kim Kardashian West is expecting a baby boy with husband Kanye West. The couple, who are already parents to daughter North have not yet confirmed the baby boy news, but we figure there’s a 50 percent chance that the reports are accurate. 

Although we have a long way to go until Kim welcomes her new bundle of joy (West is due in December), my head is already spinning on what this baby prodigy will be named. With an older sister named North, the possibilities for baby #2 are endless – so I'm giving it a shot with predicting this name.

I have more-or-less qualified experience with baby name predictions. I won a Nameberry contest in 2011 for correctly predicting her name of Jennifer Garner’s second daughter (Seraphina Rose Elizabeth) and I’ve also correctly predicted the name for Haven Warren (daughter of Jessica Alba) and Samuel Kai Schreiber (son of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber).

It’s always easier to predict what a celebrity will name their baby when there’s a prior baby who can lay some guidelines and provide a starting spot. With a name like North, I have a lot to go off of. Here are the guidelines I will be following for Kimye’s newest addition:

1) No more than two syllables. (Kim and Ye like uniformity)

2) No middle name. (North almost didn’t even have a last name… like Madonna)

3) Unusual, but not wacky. (Believe it or not, North is pretty clean from the craziness of Hollywood baby names. With names out there like Pilot Inspektor and Peanut Kai, North was a rather safe and classy choice for the couple).

4) Recycled family names are unlikely. (Although both Kim and Kanye have deceased parents, the family honors their passed on family members in other ways besides namesakes).

So, here are my top names so far. Again, I am going off reports that the child-to-be is a boy while using the above parameters. I will add names when necessary and will alter my predictions if news surfaces that Kim is expecting a girl, twins, a baby ostrich, a family of alligators, etc.

1) Lux – My original prediction before North was born. Lux is derived from the word “luxury,” which screams Kimye.

2) Lex – Greek and more casual form of Lux

3) King – Continuing with “K” names, King would compliment Dad’s name

4) Saint – Meaning “Saint,” this option will serve as a spiritual choice for both parents who are firm in their Christian beliefs while also serving as the holier-than-thou concept that Kanye is always chasing after.

5) Milan – Milan, Italy is the iconic center of the fashion world. Kim and Kanye have deep roots embedded in fashion and Milan would compliment their interests.

6) Luc – A French derived name meaning “light: illumination.” Kanye and Kim celebrated their pre-marital celebrations in France and often visit the City of Lights.

7) Piers – Another French name meaning “a rock.”

8) Thibaud (pronounced Tee-bow) – French name meaning “rule of the people” – another choice of superiority for Kanye to choose from.

9) Knight – English name meaning “noble or soldier.”

10) Hunt – English name meaning “pursuer.”

Tell us, which name will they choose? Is there a name you think they’ll choose that’s not on the list?

Photo Credit: Splash

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