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kim-kardashian-divorce-engagement-ringIs Kim Kardashian Keeping the Engagement Ring?

If you’re keeping up with the Kardashians news, you’ve probably already heard that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after only 72 days of marriage to NBA Player, Kris Humphries. While many fans think Kim Kardashian’s wedding was a hoax, Kim indicates that “she married for love” and is downright embarrassed for involving others in her wedding and relationship. Kim Kardashian has stated that Kris is a great guy, but in order for her to be happy, their relationship must end.  News sources state Kim Kardashian emailed family members hours before the divorce was filed, saying she would rather them hear the news directly from her, rather than the news and tabloids.


How Much is Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring?

Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, topping the scale at 20.5 carats, is valued at a whopping $2 million dollars. According to someone in the Kardashian clan, Kris Humphries bought Kim Kardashian's engagement ring at a 50% discount, leaving it costing just around $1 million.

Is Kim Kardashian Giving the Ring Back?

Nonetheless, whether $1 million or $2 million, what’s the etiquette for giving back an engagement ring worth that much? According to Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian should keep the engagement ring. Kris Jenner states that the ring is a gift, and therefore, Kim Kardashian should keep the $2 million engagement ring. Kris states that most, if not all etiquette books, say that when you receive a gift, even an engagement ring, you should keep it.  The Kardashian sisters have not commented on the issue, however, returning the ring would be a polite and classy move to make.

Kim Kardashian Donating Cash Value of Wedding Gifts

To help buffer the testy topic of giving back engagement rings and gifts, Kim Kardashian is planning on donating the cash value of their wedding gifts to charity, but still has not made any comments about the engagement ring. According to etiquette books, in the event of a marriage lasting less than a year, former bride and groom should return gifts with a note of apology and explanation. If Kim Kardashian were to follow proper etiquette rules, she should return the wedding gifts.  But the $2 million question remains, will Kim Kardashian keep the engagement ring? We will all have to wait and see.

Was Kim Kardasian’s Marraige a Hoax?

A bigger topic Kim Kardashian is faced with is the rumor that Kim and Kris’s wedding was a hoax. Many fans would argue so, that their wedding was an act to promote their reality show on E! and to boost ratings. But Kim Kardashian indicates that she, like many women, only want to find true love and start a family. Kim Kardashian denies all accounts that her wedding was a hoax and indicates she truly loved Kris Humphries, but simply made a mistake. It just happens to be a very public one.

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