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When dad is on tour and mom is on a photo shoot, North West has her own mini Kimye to play with!

The entirety of Instagram let out a collective "Aww" last week when Khloe Kardashian posted a photo of niece North West’s adorable mini Kimye dolls.

The mini Kim and mini Kanye pictured in the photo were handmade by Celine’s Dolls in New York City, a small doll making business that specializes in creating mini-me dolls. Kim’s leopard top and pencil skirt as well as Kanye’s faux mink vest and red Yeezy shoes were all carefully crafted by doll maker Celine, based on her vision of the family.

Each doll made by Celine’s Dolls is completely unique as Celine doesn't use patterns or sketch out her designs when making the dolls.




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Celine told WomenForum, "there is a bit of magic (and sometimes anxiety) as to how the doll comes to life and how he or she will look like. I basically cut and sew and cut and sew, and voila!"

To capture the unique personality of each mini me doll she creates, Celine has her clients fill out a questionnaire before placing their order. There are the typical questions of what hair color, skin color and eye color the doll should be, as well as questions about favorite shapes, patterns and personality traits. Based on their answers, Celine presents different fabric combinations and details to the clients, and allows them to pick what they love most. The dolls are customizable which can lead to some interesting requests.


More dolls created by Celine.

"I've made mini Chanel and Celine bags for the dolls," said Celine. “I've made in the past a Miami Heat jersey in the Miami Heat font with the name and number of the person on it. My clients just love challenging me."

The creation process is one that Celine say’s clients never forget. They often keep in touch months, even years after they've received their doll and keep Celine updated on their mini’s adventures.

"I create a one-of-a-kind doll, so that the child is always reminded how special and unique he or she is." said Celine. "It is a beautiful thing and should be embraced."



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Not pictured in Khloe’s Instagram was the mini North doll decked out in Parisian themed outfit, which included a tutu and antique details. The doll family was sent as a first birthday gift to the little one.

For those interested in keeping up with the Kardashians and purchasing their own mini doll - prices start at $198 for girl dolls, and $205 for boy dolls. You can place your order at Celine’s website - www.celinesdolls.com.


Photo Credit: Instagram, Celine's Dolls 

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