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kim-kardashian-paper-magazine-photos-that-broke-the-internetBefore yesterday, we haven't seen Kim Kardashian’s fully naked body in four years. We have to make that distinction because with bikini Instagram posts or even her October issue of British GQ, Kim does not have a problem showing plenty of skin. 

While posing in sultry poses for British GQ, Mrs. West was approaching her 33rd birthday. Before that, she appeared in an issue of W. After that "It’s all about me/I mean you/I mean me" cover, Kardashian swore off posing nude again.

Regarding the sultry W cover, Kardashian was proud of her work. "It turned out beautifully, and I love it," she told Us Weekly. However, "I don’t know [if I’ll pose nude again]. I’m too old for that now…I wanted to get it all out of my system before I turned 30."

Now it’s four years later. Kardashian is 34, has been married twice and welcomed a daughter over a year ago. And she just posed in her most revealing spread yet.

Paper Magazine released a slew of pictures of the mom covered in oil, showcasing her famed rear-end and re-creating a photo shot by Jean-Paul Goude of the reality star balancing a champagne flute on her butt while popping the bottle in a flowing stream over her head. The same photographer shot the original photo over 30 years ago - and it’s been said that recreating the image was the sole purpose of the original photo shoot with Kardashian and Goude.

The original magazine subject inspiration, Saartije Baartman, was also known for her large behind - often being referred to as sexual object for freak show material. She was one of two Khoikhoi women who were showcased to be made fun of because of their larger rear-ends.

After capturing the intended shot of the day, "Jean-Paul and Kim hit it off and they asked everyone to leave and they both got creative. No publicist, no magazine execs."

A source revealed, "[Jean-Paul Goude] had to be inspired and sketch her first and have a vision. So he came up with that - ripping the dress off. Kim loved it!"

Yep, just 24 hours after the release of the oily derriere photos in an attempt to #BreaktheInternet, Paper Mag released the remaining photos, including a full frontal of Kim Kardashian - oiled up and allowing every inch of her body to be photographed.

So, now people are left wondering what this is, what is the intention? Kardashian-West, who is not an actress or playing a part, has a body that is talked about all over the world tends to be a constant center of the gossip world. 

She has a phenomenal body, she’s still young, and she wants to capture this moment in her life before perhaps becoming pregnant again. The photos are nothing short of an artistic and pristine vision from a renowned photographer.

One supporter, you might have guessed, is Kim’s hubby Kanye West who tweeted the photo with the caption,

Another 'known-for-her-booty' starlet, Jennifer Lopez recently spoke on behalf of mothers being sexy in lieu of the release of her new music video, eh-hem, "Booty." The 45-year-old singer and mom of two said, "I refuse to be put in a box in that way. Why, because I’m over 40? So I can’t be sexy? Or, is it because I’m a mom? Moms aren’t allowed to be sexy. Uh, how did I get my kids in the first place?"

Point taken J.Lo. Sex sells and it’s the one way to make you a mother in the first place.

Critics: Kim is now a mom. She’s not single and romping around in sex tapes anymore. She swore off posing nude since entering her 30’s, this shoot is nothing more than being naked for naked’s sake. Kim made an irresponsible decision that will be reaping consequences for years to come, especially as little North only grows to understand the power her parents have. Oh, and we’re making this into as many memes as possible. (See: Kim affixed on Mount Rushmore, Kim’s butt as a bike rack, comparisons to Krispy Kreme donuts)

Glee star Naya Rivera was appalled at Kim’s decision to bare it all, reportedly commenting on Kardashian’s Instagram of the photo, "I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother…"

Stephen Colbert, of The Colbert Report, tweeted "I am SHOCKED by that risqué Kim Kardashian magazine cover! (Note: please retweet every two months, as applicable)"

We do have to give it to Kim. She wanted to break the Internet, and the Internet has completely imploded with this since Tuesday night. In fact, this is kind of the entire idea of Kim Kardashian. She knowingly creates frenzy with complete understanding of the outcome/consequences.

People might be looking for an answer to this magazine spread and well, maybe there is no answer. Kim Kardashian started her career with shock-value (and her butt) when her sex-tape with Ray J was (reportedly) published without her permission. And since the 2007 incident, she has built (a highly successful) career around her image. The empire of Kim Kardashian is none to be reckoned with. She, her man, and her butt will be around for years to come. And more than that, the public will most likely never get sick of the hype - in both forms of critical and supportive.

So if you’re flabbergasted at these shots and can’t stop talking about it… you have only played right into the hands of Kardashian who is a smart and intellectual businesswoman.  Quite frankly, the "you're a mother" argument has been hanging over the heads of sexy and successful women for years. It comes with the territory.

Kim, your intentions with this photo shoot were met with flying colors. The Internet is broken, the public is going crazy for this, and per usual, your body is bangin'.

Paper Magazine wrote of the social media/reality show/beauty and fashion powerhouse, "We're accustomed to our performers having onstage and backstage registers, but for her [Kardashian] there is no division between the two. This is, indeed, the definition of a reality star. She's not performing, that is -- at least not visibly. She is being, and being is her act.":

Kim herself told the mag, "I love sharing my world with people. That's just who I am." 

As others continue to write up their thoughts on the shoot, we turn to you. Do you think Kim has every right to celebrate her body or are these pictures pushing the limit of what's appropriate? Share with us here

Photo Credit: Paper Magazine

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