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Your lonely coffee table could get a lot sexier. 

With all the billions of books available out there, how do you choose the perfect coffee table book? Kim Kardashian has just made it easier with the announcement of her new book Selfish, set out to release April 2015. No stranger to selfies, the reality star and newlywed is dropping down a book with no words - just 352 pages of herself. 

According to a description by the publisher, it will feature 352 pages of selfies of Kim "from her favorite throwback images to current ultra-sexy glam shots — and provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look into this larger-than-life star." 

The cover of the book really says it all...


This book may be a next level selfie because while celebs love taking them (in bed, in the car, with a pooch on their lap), Kardashian could be turning heads and pages with a book to document her selfie journeys throughout the years. 

Of course, Kardashian isn't the first celeb to cash in on a coffee table book - it was honestly inevitable for someone from the reality television family to do it. 

Drew Barrymore released a book where she shared photographs she had taken of heart-shaped objects and scenes she has come across in her book Find it in Everything. Pippa Middleton’s coffee table book Celebrate is full of her favorite recipes, personal tips, DIY projects and inspirational party ideas.

So... a selfie coffee table book may be a first for publications but for the Kardashian noteable, it's only logical to find another outlet to capitalize on her good looks. She's reportedly said she takes a bunch of selfies because her new hubby Kanye West is turned on by them - TMI! 

For just $19.95, you’ll be able to own hundreds of Kim K's selfies come April 7.

What’s your opinion on this new coffee table book? Will you be buying it?

Photo Credit: Instagram, Universe

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