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northwestbagKim Kardashian-West recently celebrated her 34th birthday. As a new mom and even newer wife, Kim has a lot more than just a birthday to celebrate. But what could you possibly give the woman who has everything? Leave that to Kanye West and baby North.

"[Kanye] got me this purse and it was really pretty painted and then my computer was open next to the gift and I was trying to figure out why it was there," Kim said after receiving the gift. "And I press play and it was a video of her [North West] actually painting it. She spent hours getting paint all over herself and painting this purse and he captured it all."

Some people thought this was a beautiful and creative gift, while other thought it was a waste of an Hermes bag. Kim, however, fell in love at first sight, and finally stepped out wearing North’s very first custom design!

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Kim was on her way to a meeting with Kanye when she posted a picture to Instagram. "Me & my bae out today," she said in her caption. "Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North."

The First Family of Fashion has been known to give each other lavish gifts for any occasion. With the holidays steadily approaching, we can’t wait to see what the Kardashian-Wests have in store for us!

Photo Credit: Splash 

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