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kinesis-exercises-at-the-gym-videoGet a full-body workout from your shoulders down to your hamstrings using TechnoGym's kinesis line. 

Whether you're scoping out new equipment at the gym, or working out in your apartment complex's fitness center, TechnoGym's kinesis line is an intuitive piece of free-motion equipment that helps tone the entire body and improve fitness regimens.

Our very own lifestyle and fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf, recommends the kinesis line because of its versatility and functionality—its handles move where you do!

What is Kinesis Equipment?

TechnoGym’s Kinesis stations focus on primary movements and functional training using the kinesis line and FullGravity Technology, which provides 3-D spatial movements. By integrating the line into your exercise routine, you'll work on natural, free-moving strength training without adjustments. The line is part of a kinesis station that can be used for shoulder and overhead presses, low and high pulls, core conditioning and stepping squats. 

How Can It Improve Your Game?

The kinesis line is also an excellent training tool for perfecting your golf game and skills on the tennis court. Rely on the line for its resistance as you go through your swing and practice its mechanics up and down. Golfers can work on that perfect form as well as strengthen shoulders and the core. Tennis players can practice their forearm and backhand using this targeted training. Every single sports motion can be worked for athletes using the kinesis line.

What is the Best Combination Move?

Andrea’s favorite combination of kinesis exercises is lunging with chest presses. As you lunge forward with one leg in front of the other, reach and push with your arms. During the chest press, you’ll sculpt the chest, shoulders and triceps, which builds upper body strength. By adding lunges, you’ll improve flexibility and balance as well as tone every muscle in the lower body (e.g. hamstrings, quads and calves), especially the glutes. Always try to maintain good posture and don’t forget to breathe!

TechnoGym's kinesis line can be as challenging as you want it to be. It's also a great piece of equipment because it's transportable and light-weight. Switch up your workout routine with this new equipment line! 

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