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kirstie-alley-weight-loss-mainPhoto Credit: Splash News

Actress and comedian Kirstie Alley has been yo-yoing with her weight for years. She loses weight and puts it back on.

Throughout the years, she has received plenty of abuse from the press about her weight but she never let it stop her. This time, Alley lost a significant amount of weight after going on Jenny Craig and plans to keep it off.

In the past months, Alley has lost 50 pounds eating organic fruits and vegetables along with her Jenny Craig meals. Portion control is a huge part of her success, as is her personal consultant, who helps her stay on track. Her answer to keeping the weight off? Exercise and having fun with it! 


Photo Credit: INF Photo

"I got a yellow townie bike and I ride over to friends' houses. I bribe people. I'll say, let's ride to this restaurant and I'll pay for dinner," she said. "And believe me: If I bike four miles to a restaurant, I don't wreck it with my order!"

For years, Alley was a competitive swimmer with an inspiring coach, but she feels her weight loss journey will be just as successful with a consultant. She says she has started thinking of herself as an athlete again and that inspiration is amazing motivation! 

She’s more determined this time than ever.

"I want it to be part of my life this time," she says. "I'm just trying to make it fun."

Good luck to Kristie on her journey to getting healthy! 

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