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We have all seen those amazing pictures of delectable food in the magazines. And, we aspire to make food that looks just like it for our families. Yet at times, we are a bit intimidated at the ingredients and directions, and so we stick to our recipe ruts.

In this video, our own Andrea Metcalf interviews associate manager Jennifer Manning of Kraft Kitchen. Manning tells us what it is that she does to make sure that we have healthy, delicious meals.

How Healthy Recipes for Your Family are Created

Manning researches the consumer, what we like to eat and different health trends we are following so that she can create recipes that represent our healthy food choices. Her favorite recipe she created with Kraft foods? Italian Parmesan chicken with Tuscan white bean salad. Yum! When looking at the dish, it looks delicious and we are told it is simple to make. 

The goals and guidelines of Kraft Kitchen are that of responsibility concerning serving sizes and nutrition. Every recipe is scrutinized as to the amount ingredients used. Manning evaluates how much of an ingredient to use in a recipe and determines what works to make a delicious, nutritious meal. Manning has been working for Kraft Kitchen for four years and says she loves her job. I can tell you it shows when she is interviewed in this video. Check it out!

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