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kylie-jenner-edges-out-older-sisters-to-be-most-influential-kardashian-mainMove over Kim and Kendall, a new face now holds the top spot for the most influential Kardashian!

Little sister Kylie Jenner, 17, has seemingly come out of nowhere and is now considered a Kardashian fan favorite, according to fashion website Polyvore.

A new graph from Polyvore shows that while searches briefly spiked for Kim during her wedding and Kendall during New York fashion week, the number of people searching for the youngest Kardashian has been on a constant rise.

Time obviously noticed the media attention surrounding the young Keeping up with the Kardashians stars Kendall and Kylie by giving them each a spot on the mag's Most Influential Teens list. While Kylie and sister model Kendall, 18, were featured together on the list, it’s Kylie who’s stealing the spotlight.

Kylie has starred on numerous episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (for which she earns $5,000 an episode) and, in addition to some modeling, is releasing her own line of hair extensions. The 17-year-old is already easily a millionaire!

Despite these figures, not everyone agrees that Kylie is an influential teen, or that the two youngest Kardashians should be on the list at all – their inclusion on Time’s list has been met with major backlash from the public.

Many have expressed outrage that the Kardashian sisters could share the list with the Obama sisters and Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, but talk show host Wendy Williams defended the magazine’s choice.

"They are influential to teens,” Williams said. "Either teen girls want to look like them, or dress like them. They follow them on Instagram."

Very true, considering Kylie Jenner has over 12 million followers on the social media site, many of whom are obsessed with her often unconventional beauty and fashion choices like blue-toned hair and ‘90s inspired plush lips.

Speaking of those lips... Kim’s baby sister has been sporting a dramatically different appearance (read noticeably fuller lips) that have many questioning whether the 17-year-old underwent numerous plastic surgery operations in a bid to look more like Kim.

Kylie denies the rumors, saying that they "hurt her feelings" and that her altered appearance is the result of cleverly-applied makeup. We can’t tell you if that pout is all real, but we can show you how to get the look of much fuller lips simply with makeup – and how to recreate many more of Kylie’s best beauty looks!

Photo Credit: Splash

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