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labor-dya-picnicA Labor Day weekend picnic is a great way to have fun and can be cheaper than taking a trip.

What are your Labor Day weekend plans? This is the last family weekend before school starts for many kids. For families living in the northern states, it is often the last warm holiday where the whole family can sit down for a Labor Day weekend picnic.

Types of Family Labor Day Weekend Picnics

1. Family Picnic 

The most common picnic is the traditional family picnic. This is the picnic where you pack up the blanket, frisbees, the dog, a basket full of food and head to the beach or park. Don't worry about what to put in the basket of food because really anything goes. Cold fried chicken, egg salad sandwiches, potato salad, fruit, chips, or chicken salad are all great foods for a picnic basket.

2. Romantic Picnic

Romantic picnics for the couple are great ways to enjoy some quiet time. A romantic picnic basket tends to look a bit different than one for a family. They usually have a picnic size bottle of wine or champagne, a French baguette or homemade bread, cheese, fruit, and chocolate. A Labor Day weekend picnicis a perfect time for a romantic picnic getaway, even if it takes place in your backyard.

3. Barbeque

For some families, a picnic is actually a barbecue. It is the time to get around the grill for burgers, brats, chicken, and everything else that the family loves to grill. In some areas of the country, they even have barbecue pits in public parks so that families can have more room to spread out. A Labor Day weekend picnicdoesn't mean your family has to eat cold food; a barbeque allows you to have a fresh meal.

Additional Labor Day Weekend Plans

Are you still unsure about your Labor Day weekend plans? A picnic isn't the only way to celebrate with your family while saving money. Many towns across America have a Labor Day parade, a corn fest, or some other way of celebrating this final summer holiday weekend. Many of these festivals can be fairly cheap for families to spend time at and hang out with their friends. After all friends are welcome additions to any family Labor Day weekend celebration.

When it comes to family time and holiday celebrations, the important thing is family. Once school starts, there are a bunch of other activities that start up to fill everyone's evenings and weekends. For many families this really is the last time that they will get to sit down and relax together before Thanksgiving. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend picnic.

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