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lady-gaga-gluten-free-dietLady Gaga’s Gluten-Free Weight Loss Plan.

Hollywood’s biggest stars are always trying new diets and trying to lose weight. The newest attempt: Lady Gaga’s gluten-free diet. Her new plan consists of cutting out foods with gluten and wheat. Will Lady Gaga's gluten-free weight loss plan help her to lose weight? Does Lady Gaga's gluten-free diet sound like something you would try?

Lady Gaga Goes Gluten-Free

The new Lady Gaga gluten-free diet, she reportedly told Sky News, the Australian paper, that she wants to shave off 10 pounds. Lady Gaga’s gluten-free diet, she said, will hopefully not only help her lose weight, but give her energy too. The already-thin singer wants to look her best for her international tour during the end of this summer and this fall. Plus, a little energy to boot can’t hurt while she’s on stage doing crazy things only Lady Gaga can do. 

Lady Gaga’s gluten-free diet consists of fish, chicken, veggies, fruit, and the occasional potato or bowl of rice, the source reports. Going gluten-free isn’t a new diet attempt, although it is getting more popular. Gluten-free foods used to really only be available in specialty grocery stores but they can now be found at your regular-everyday grocery store. So, it shouldn't be hard for Lady Gaga to find great foods that are gluten-free. 

Going Gluten-Free

Gluten is a protein found within foods containing wheat. Cutting out foods with gluten and wheat “supposedly” helps people lose weight, although there is no real concrete research to support this. People with Celiac Disease, intolerance to wheat and gluten and inability to digest it, have to avoid foods that contain gluten but now, it’s a new diet fad. Other stars like Miley Cyrus have reportedly tried the gluten-free diet. One of the problems is that sometimes the gluten-free foods are higher in fat, sugar, and calories than foods with wheat and are more expensive. 

This isn’t Lady Gaga’s first diet plan nor will it be her last and the Lady Gaga diet has hit the headlines. She will have to say bye-bye to bread and just eat fish and chicken. I guess no more meat dresses but let’s see how Lady Gaga’s gluten-free diet works for her.

Photo Credit: PR Photos 

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