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Photo Credit: Splash

February has been a big month for Lady Gaga. On Valentine's Day she got engaged to her long time boyfriend Taylor Kinney, last Sunday she gave a knock out performance at the Oscars, and today she announced via Twitter that she'll be starring in the fifth season of American Horror Story. 

The pop star also revealed that the next season will be taking place in a hotel. We can only imagine what kind of frights Ryan Murphy and the rest of the American Horror Story writers will be able to pull off in that setting (haunted rooms, ghostly guests and plummeting elevators are the first that come to mind).

Besides an October premiere date, not much else is known about the upcoming season. Many of the American Horror Story cast staples, such as Emma Roberts and Sarah Paulson are already attached to Murphy's new projects American Crime Story and Scream Queens. The past season's star Jessica Lange claimed that the fourth season of American Horror Story would be her last, but is rumored to be reconsidering coming back.

One thing is for sure though, we'll be tuning in to check out Lady Gaga's acting chops. 

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