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Large Woman Hairstyles

large_woman_hairstyleBest Hair Styles for Plus Size Women

The best large woman hairstyles seem to focus on flattering the shape of the face by a few cutting and styling tricks. There are certain styles and haircuts that do nothing but make things worse and yes, this includes those awful straight cut bangs from the old days! Plus-size women deserve the best hair styles to flatter their shapely form, and once the right style is found, there will be no stopping a voluptuous vixen from taking the spotlight. Don't be shy. Have a look into the dozens of hair styles for large women so that you can strut your stuff from day 'til night!

Hair Cut Styles to Flatter the Face

The most flattering of the large woman hairstyles include a variety of lengths and shapes. It is common knowledge that long hair is one of the most popular hair styles for large women because the length of the flowing hair will compliment a shapely form. To better understand, think of how wearing vertical stripes would give the appearance of a straight, slender look and that is essentially the same effect that long straight hair will have on a plus size gal.

Short Hair Styles for Full Figured Women

Large woman hairstyles don't exclude cute, short hair-dos, but some of those short cuts are more like hair-don'ts! For instance, stay away from any above the shoulder cuts that include flipping the ends inward with a full curl! The sole reason is to avoid puffing the shape of the face with the curling in of the hair that outlines the face.

Above the shoulder hair styles for large women are typically worn with simple layers and a half-curled outward flip at the ends of the hair, mostly the face-framing sections. Other short hairstyles include bob cuts with plenty of curl and a bit of volume. Make sure to include layering when you can because it is one of the best ways to turn a hair-don't into a hair-do! Those with round faces will benefit from more volume around the crown of the head as this will elongate the face.

Long Haircuts for Plus Size Women

Some women prefer length in their favorite large woman hairstyles because they feel more confident knowing how long hair styles flatter a full figured body type. Wearing your hair long and straight may seem to be a simple fix for your search of the best hair styles for large women, but in reality there are better options available. Stick-straight hair can be too severe for a full face. Gentle waves or voluminous layers are a better choice. Wearing your long hair past the shoulders with a pin holding back one side of the hair will add a slimming effect to the outlines of your face, while still showing off your lovely locks.

A shoulder length shag cut is a  great option if you don't have the natural volume to pull off the side pin-up style. This will include the proper layering of the hair to give the appearance of just the right amount of volume. Then, all you have to do is heat up the curling iron to give a few outward curls for a lovely wispy effect sure to a favorite.

Stephanie Diane Tanner
Stephanie Diane Tanner

My name is Stephanie and I am a mother of a daughter, Cali. She is almost 3 years old and I love her to pieces even when she makes my hair fall out from stress! HAHA. I love to read and write, cook, especially desserts and those hefty meals needed to fill the belly of my fiance. Not to mention the designing of meals and snacks my picky toddler likes to eat!

I grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois, therefore, I love animals and I currently own a 90 pound white boxer who is cuddly and clumsy. I have a large oscar fish named SpitFyre (from a book). I took an extra year of required english study, including journalism and creative writing. I'm also a published poet, 3 times over, since the age of 12 years old (said to write at 12th grade level while in 5th grade). I love to write because I have a talent for it. I won the state spelling be when I was in 5th grade and I have not stopped being fascinated with grammar and the world of writing ever since.

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