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It's Halloween and you've just been invited to a last minute party - which means scrambling for a cute and creative costume at the very last minute. The host assures you, "You can come without a costume," but let's be honest, who wants to go to a Halloween party without a costume? When people ask, "What are you supposed to be?” and you have to respond with, “I’m me"? Yeah... no. 

Whether you were invited to a last minute party or just want to save some money this year, we’ve got a few cute and easy ideas that won't break the bank!

1. Rosie The Riveter


Photo Credit: The Freckled Fox

What you need: Bandana, red lipstick, black eyeliner, jean or plaid shirt

2. Frida Kahlo


Photo Credit:

What you need: Flower crown, black eyeliner, white lace top, long earrings

3. Three Blind Mice


Photo Credit: Instagram

What you need: Tutus, canes, sunglasses, black eyeliner, black tank tops, mouse ears

4. Scarecrow

Photo Credit: Diaries Of A Fit Mommy

What you need: Plaid shirt, eyeliner, red lipstick, straw hat, jeans

5. Party Animals

1aac17ac6411a3ab5ac9fb495e2154dcPhoto Credit: Savvy Sugar

What you need: Any party clothes, body paint or makeup

6. Wednesday Addams

c8e657e8a2add6f33544ee49225bde5aPhoto Credit:

What you need: Black button down shirt with a white detachable collar, black skirt

7. Regina George

0c44c3831f2ee39478c7a3fb6a7dbb0cPhoto Credit: Instagram/xxlaurenxx55

What you need: White tank top, scissors, purple tank top, black skirt 

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