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last-minute-halloween-costumes-for-momWhatcha gonna be for Halloween? Nothing? No way! You still have time. And, why should the kids have all the fun? You don’t have to be stuck holding the candy bag, well, maybe you will, but why not look super cute (or super scary, super sexy…) while doing it?

Not sure where to start? The StyleList are here to help. 

If you (or your guy) are not so in to the whole dressing up thing, you can still get into the spirit of the holiday (no pun intended) subtly. It can be just a tiny detail like a mask, some makeup, a hairstyle or a prop. If you do even a little bit, it will definitely make for a more enjoyable evening for you as well as for your kids—that is if they are young enough not to be mortified by everything you do.

Last-minute Halloween costumes are some times the best. When down to the wire, you can get fun and creative. There are known character costumes or things to do yourself, there are costumes just for couples and even ideas for mother and child if you want to make this a true family experience. 

You can go shopping online (remember, procrastinators, you might have increased shipping charges to get the goods in time) or in the stores—party stores, specialty stores, discount department stores are good places to shop—to check out the variety of dress up material out there. And remember, if your first choice is out of stock, there will always be something else almost as good. 

Whatever you decide, just please promise us one thing: just because you are donning a costume doesn’t mean you get to carry a bucket for candy. Trust us, you’ll thank us in the morning for that.

Quick Costume Ideas for Moms

1. Popular Characters

Lots of good movie material this year and some political fodder as well. Think of a sexy Big Bird costume (your guy can don a Mitt mask). Other popular choices include Catwoman from The Dark Night Rises, Katniss from Hunger Games, Black Widow from The Avengers, Snow White from Snow White and the Huntsman and a Bond Girl from the new 007 movie Skyfall due out in November.

2. Celeb-Inspired

It’s easy to dress up as real people who are easily recognizable. Many get-ups are available at costume stores or you can put together an ensemble on your own. Some to consider: Honey Boo Boo Child (all you need is a tiara, sash, frilly dress and socks, shoes and a blond curly wig), Katy Perry (skimpy clothes and a pink or blue wig), Lady Gaga (funky makeup, blond wig, crazy shoes and outfit), Nicki Minaj (pink wig, funky makeup), or Jackie Kennedy (bob wig, tailored suit).

3. Group Costumes (for family or you with friends)

Sometimes, it feels better to put yourself out there—in a group. Some cute costume ideas are the Fab 5 women’s Olympic gymnastics team, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (they are making a comeback!), The Avengers, Star Wars, and Wizard of Oz.

4. Couples Costumes

For you and him, try a little role playing as: An electrical socket and plug, Batman and Batwoman (or Catwoman), Cowboy and Cowgirl, peanut butter and jelly (sandwich), Barack and Michelle Obama (or Mitt and Anne Romney).

For more last minute costume ideas, check out Couposh.

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